12 Resolutions for 2016

I've always thought that if something in life is important enough you shouldn't need a yearly resolution to make that change. Unfortunately life isn't that simple, so after more than a decade of abstaining from resolutions I've decided to give it a go with an appropriate first item:

  1. Regularly re-evaluate pre-conceived ideas and opinions.
  • Read daily.
  • Start each morning by meditating. (No idea how this will go, but I figure it can't hurt.)
  • Write daily with the goal of writing a book this year.
  • Build at least one product/application for myself.
  • Build at least one product/application to sell to others.
  • Go jogging at least 3 times per week, bouldering at least once per week, and biking at least once per week.
  • Put a minimum of 20% of my 2016 pre-tax income towards savings/stocks/retirement/etc.
  • Purchase food locally as frequently as possible (farmers markets, coop boxes, etc).
  • Publish at least one article per month — can be on this blog or elsewhere.
  • Cook something new at least once per week.
  • Organize at least one meetup for Designers Who Code every other month (socials/happy hours don't count).

Maybe I'll fail, maybe I won't. What I do know is that 3 1/2 years out of college it's far too easy to become content and fall into the same rhythmic pattern day-after-day, only to look back and realize not much has happened in the past few years. This thankfully hasn't been the case, but I'm adamant to make sure that it doesn't happen.