Doing It Live

After months of my phone asking, "Are you going to write 1000 words tonight?", I sadly only have half a dozen partial posts. I kept myself convinced that building a backlog of potential posts was the right choice so I'd still have something to post when I get busy, but ultimately that's just an excuse to be lazy. Instead, I'm going to stop talking about it with myself and do it live. It's tough to stay motivated, and it's terrifying to put yourself out there, but as they say, "no risk, no gain" (that is a saying, right?).

I don't want to make a grand statement about how this is a "relaunch" of my blog, because it isn't - it's just a continuation minus the old content because it's no longer relevant to what I hope to express. Some of the old stuff will inevitably find itself regurgitated in one way or another, but sometimes starting with a clean slate is the only way to start again at all.

I've written blogs before - it shouldn't be that difficult, right?